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Czech and Slovak Association of Language Centres in Higher Education

Faculty of Education
Comenius University in Bratislava

International conference



Quality Assurance of Language Programmes at
European Higher Education Institutions VIII



Under the Auspices of CercleS

doc. RNDr. Edita Partová, CSc.,
the Dean of the Faculty of Education, Comenius University in Bratislava

BRATISLAVA, 28 – 29 JUNE 2021



Announcement and Call for Papers

Objective of the Conference

To establish the forum for the exchange of theoretical information and practical experiences related to learning languages and teaching language programmes at higher education institutions in accordance with the policy of the European Commission.

Key-note Speakers:
1 Johann Fischer – Laurent Rouveyrol – Cristina Pérez Guillot – Jolanta Wielgus: NULTE – The Network of University Language Testers in Europe: Quality Assurance, Minimum Standards and Future Collaborative Initiatives in University Language Testing

2 Julia Zabala Delgado – Barbara Sawicka: European University Testers: Learning from Each Other?

3 Johann Fischer – Laurent Rouveyrol: Moving Forward: From Task-Based Assessment to Scenario-Based Assessment – the Next Steps in Making CLES and UNIcert® Exams More Meaningful 

1 Johann Fischer- Laurent Rouveyrol – Barbara Sawicka – Julia Zabala Delgado: Empowering Language Professionals with the Tools of the VITbox Project

Czech and Slovak Association of Language Centres
Institute of Philological Studies, Department of German Language and Literature, Faculty of Education, Comenius University in Bratislava

online VIA ZOOM

28-29 June 2021

Symposium Languages:
Czech, English, Slovak, German

Important Deadlines:
Extended abstract:                                              10 May 2021
Announcement on the abstract acceptance:    21 May 2021

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Section I
Quality assurance of HEI Curricula

a. Quality of HEI performance – criteria
b. Institutionalization of the quality assurance at HEI
c. Internalization of higher education
d. TQM at HEI

Section II
Quality assurance of language programmes at HEI

a. Language profile of a student/graduate in the tertiary education
b. Transparency and standardization of the acquired language competences
c. National systems of certification and accreditation for languages (e.g. UNIcert®)

Section III
Profile of the language teacher at HEI

a. LSP teacher profile and CEFR
b. Changes in curricula of the institutions educating language teachers
c. Further education of LSP teachers (formal and informal)

Section IV
Common European Framework for Languages and European Language Portfolio

a. Standardization of language programmes at HEI
b. Creating and implementing language programmes at HEI
c. Innovative approaches to teaching and learning languages
d. Assessment of the acquired competences including self-assessment